Graph View between two Notes

Have the ability to select two notes and graph view will show all the different pathways between those two notes. Gives you the ability to potentially see the different ways two notes are connected.


Is this really a query based feature like this other post To filter the graph view

In theory of that feature was added you could create a query that included your two notes and then see the number of connections they have and the number of steps out from the note you want to go.


That wouldn’t work because the query feature described there doesn’t guarantee the display of all middle notes. It would just bring up the two notes.

But if you could filter the number of steps out from the selected note then you would see the notes connected between…right?

You know how all the branches highlight when you hover over a node in Graph View… I’m imagining a shortcut key like Alt-click that allows you to select the node without it clicking thorugh to open the page. It simply turns on the highlights on all of its branches. And if you Alt-click more than one node any branch path that has continuity between the two are highlighted in a contrasting color.

Alternatively, a checkbox somewhere in the UI could be ticked to turn off click-through mode and go into Graph Interaction mode. It would be cool to grab nodes of interest and drag them around and watch how everything rebalances around the adjustment.

Another alternative that addresses this feature request and would work with the other Graph Filter feature requests would be an option to simply color the filter results differently rather than hide everything that doesn’t fit the filter.

@curtismchale I think the issue is you wouldn’t necessarily know how many steps are inbetween a note though? I guess you could just keep increasing the number of steps until you see all the nodes? (that would get annoying though, unless you just by default put in a high number of steps)

there is a plugin for this. I think it’s called Journey

Journey is a great plugin. However, I wonder if there is a way to display all paths between 2 nodes?

@WhiteNoise @tctco is right, in that journey only shows one path, as far as I’m aware of. Didn’t realize this feature was archived, as I’d still request it. I don’t know who archived it, as I’d prefer it move over into plugin request if that is such a thing.

I could also see how this would be a nightmare to create if your vault is heavily interconnected already. You need some method of subtraction, to ignore routes that are not meaningful.

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moved to plugins

I’ve raised an issue with dataview, which is a great plugin that lets you manipulate your vault as a database. After some discussion, it turns out that the time complexity is exponential, which indicates that it’s not feasible to find all paths between 2 nodes in a complex graph, even finding the kth shortest path is very computationally expensive.

Sadly, it seems that neither the human nor the computer is good at finding relations between different things…

Some graph databases are good at finding paths, for example neo4j, but I don’t know how to use them in Obsidian.