Graph View: Allow to Configure How Node-Size is Calculated

I’d love to have the size of child nodes depend on the parent nodes!

Bumping this request, all the enhancements mentioned here would make Graph useful to a completely new level!

As a writer who was looking for something like this quick on the go, some kind of configuration feature for node bubble size and shapes would be ideal.

This is would be great, and since we are going to be having properties overhaul, having them integrated into filtering would be great.

My graph is more branched than having 10 or more links in one note and manage mostly using graph view so this would be great!!

+1 to the customizable nodes size suggestion.

I recently discovered Obsidian and to me, it’s the one single feature that would make the Graph view perfect for my needs. So far, I’m using color to make some nodes stand out, but it’s far from ideal…

+1 Bump!

+1 Bump! It’d be great to adjust node sizes manually - would be good to use like the canvas mode

Especially, having node sizes corresponding to backlinks i.e. the more a page is linked in other notes, the bigger the node for that page. This will help in knowing which ideas are central and vital. The more an idea is referred to, the more critical it is.

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This would be awesome Also the suggestion from ryanjammurphy is cool too
Making s.t. you can have a variable-based graph view that incorporates color, size, and link strength based on a set of variables would be nice.
I would require a lot of tweaking and a new screen to configure this code.

+1 Bump!
Would be also nice to see a variable that makes the node bigger depending on how many nodes have a path to it.
Like if the root of a tree was the biggest. It would be useful to separate classes in an academic based vault or a vault that contains many topics

Completely agree on this. From an academic standpoint, it would be more useful at times to be able to weight nodes by wordcount instead of links to assess the sizes of sections and how they are linked to. The ability to switch between these view modes would be awesome.

Any development on this? It’s been 4 years since it was mentioned. It seems like a pretty easy logic to implement, at least for the automatic sizing of nodes, calculated by the number of other nodes that link to it.

+1 Bump for sure!

I wish to be added.

Created an account to beg for this.


+1, created an account to ask for this as well. Either it gets added or a plugin can do the same thing surely?

Explicit registered, just to upvote this feature bump +1
In my case, I’m studying only two languages, and the main collector ‘02 - Languages’ should be bigger to visually orient me in the graph view. Please add a plugin for node-size-rule, so each person can choose the most reasonable way to define node sizes.