Graph - Use instructions

Could be I didn’t do the right search (sorry for that).

Can someone point me to a manual about the Graph tool that is used in Obsidian.
I’d like to do some more research on that one and get to use it properly as I see I am not getting the behaviour I want it to have (which is totally on me I’m sure!).

Thanks for the feedback.

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I’m pretty sure it’s a D3 force-directed graph

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What kinda behaviour are you hoping for? There are some outstanding feature requests for e.g., fixing the position of nodes—in other words, things that aren’t yet possible. (There are some upgrades to the graph in the pipeline, though!)

Hey, for me it’s pure usage.
Sometime the graph doesn’t seem to do what I want it to do (gesture).
I figured some things out, but a “manual” would certainly clear up the rest.
Hence my question so I could do some research on my own.
Thx. For the feedback!

Hm. It might help to hear some things you’re imagining you want to do but can’t currently do (although I appreciate that imagination might be limited—sometimes we need the feature to show us what’s possible).

Far as I can describe, there aren’t really any “functions” to the graph. You just create links and it separates them. There may be some best practices in terms of how to use the graph to e.g., expand your thinking on a topic, though…

Sometimes the graph just freezes up on me.
Suppose I am not doing the right things.
Last I discovered that you had to be in the graph area to zoom or unzoom (example).
The gesture isn’t detected if the cursor is not in the graph area (circle with all the nodes).
That was the reason why I asked for “instructions” as I could be doing other things wrong allthough it’s normal behaviour for D3.

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