Graph reassembles very slowly from scratch after restart

Since today the global graph starts off as a bunch of orphan notes, before one after another links are added. It takes ages for the graph to be fully connected and after restarting Obsidian, the whole thing starts over again.

Even after disabling my custom CSS, the bug is still there.
I’m running the version 0.9.3 on Windows 10.

All of these nodes below should be connected:

How many notes are in vault? What are your graph filter settings?

This is a behavior I also tried to document.
I believe it has something to do with forward and backward links that are built-up in the cache.
My observation shows that when you stop the process it quickly builds the graph afterwards to come to the point were it stopped when terminated previously.
I am running 0.9.4 on a Macbook Pro with Big Sur Beta 10 installed.

I have a little less than 2000 notes.

Here are my settings. I didn’t change them though.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that we can do at a distance to troubleshoot the problem.
If you want, could you send us your vault so we can have a look at it and see if we can figure out what is going on?

You can contact me on discord @WhiteNoise

For some reason the problem is gone today! Thanks though!