Graph not showing all of the links in one page

I have a note that contains HTML and markdown, it’s a note I use as a index for all of my notes, but in the graphs I can barely see half of the links it has.

The links are made inside of headings like this:

[[Some cool note]]

Some of the links are displayed and other not, apparently with no reason at all.

I can’t upload videos here it seems so I will share a link to a screen record in MEGA

Link in MEGA

we don’t support markdown in html blocks.

Moved to help

It’s a normal note with parts in HTML, not everything, PLUS some links work and are shown in the graph so it’s actually a bug

Edit: and the links keep not working once the HTML section is removed, so this has nothing to do with the HTML, it’s a bug.

You’re still not showing any actual text showing what you’ve written in your notes. That makes it very hard to help you in any way.

Try including some text from your notes within four backticks, which will make it look nicer here in the forum.

I have, there is a video linked in my first post where you can see what it is in my note

Hmmm… that video only shows a graph view for me…

Rutina Diaria

  • Ejercicios de estiramiento, saltos y 10 minutos de cardio
  • Desayuno
  • Revisar tareas y organizar el día
  • Poner un temporizador para hacer ejercicio y estiramientos cada media hora

Objetivos Anuales

  • 70KG
  • ---
  • ---

# [[FP Index]]

Pendiente de unir asignaturas una vez creadas

# [[The Real World Index]] ## [[Copyrighting Index]]

[[Business Mastery Index]]

[[Fitness Campus Index]]

<div class="two_sides-box">
<div><h1>Rutina Diaria</h1>
<li>Ejercicios de estiramiento, saltos y 10 minutos de cardio</li>
<li><b>Revisar tareas y organizar el día</b></li>
<li>Poner un temporizador para hacer ejercicio y estiramientos cada media hora</li>
<a href=""><h1>Objetivos Anuales</h1></a>
# [[FP Index]]

> Pendiente de unir asignaturas una vez creadas

# [[The Real World Index]]
## [[Copyrighting Index]]

## [[Business Mastery Index]]

## [[Fitness Campus Index]]

Out of these I wouldn’t expect the “Objetivos Anuales” link to be present in the graph view as that is a html link, and I’m a little uncertain whether the “Copyrighting Index” will show due to a missing newline between the headings. Is this correct?

The “FP index” might also disappear if it’s considered to be within html tags.

Are some other links not showing? In that case do the files exists, and/or have you turned on the option related to existing files in the graph view?

In any case, I would strongly consider looking into a plugin allowing side by side boxes instead of all that html. You’ll have a much more consistent experience without mixing html and markdown.

I am not expecting html links to work, so I have no problem with that.

The Copywriting index in a normal link that I don’t understand why is it nor working, the other heading near it is working, so I don’t see any explanation for that.

The FP index is not inside any html tag, and it’s represented as a md text as it should.

I will try to find some extension that allows to do that, I will come back after I have found one to see if the links already work.

Do you know any extension that can allow me to do that?

Hello I found not extension to solve it, but anyways the bug keeps occurring

make sure the html blocks and markdown are separated by a blank line.

Still doesn’t work, again, after so many times. It’s a bug. I’ve tried a lot of things and they just don’t appear in the graph

So I created a test file with the following contents (and a few lines in front of them):

<a href=""></a>

# [[No show after HTML]]

# [[Doesn't shows due to HR]]
## [[What about this?]]

## [[Shows as expected]]

## [[Also shows]]

In source mode with line numbers:

As a local graph:

Within live preview it kind of displays as you might want it to expect, but do remember this a different markdown engine as compared to the reading mode, which displays as the following for me:


You could try to argue that not showing the links on line 6, line 9, line 12 and line 13 are a bug, but the first is a HTML link, and the others are following a HTML tag, namely that of <hr>. Add a newline after these, and you’ll get the full links in the local graph, and proper display in reading mode.

Please show source code of other links not showing in the local graph, before just stating that it doesn’t work in your setup. The only feature I see in my example could possibly be that the “What about this?” link on line 13, doesn’t strictly follow a HTML tag, but rather another heading. But then again it’s a markdown block of lines directly following a HTML tag.

Another extension to my example which will always fail in any mode:

<div> [[Within HTML tags completely]] </div>

This won’t show as a link ever…

I see!!! And after doing so, it worked although it looks weird, so I wanted to thank you.

Also, is there anything like

tag in .md?

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