Graph not displaying after duplicating vault

Things I have tried

  • Switching themes, including going into the default theme
  • Zooming in and out with my track pad
  • Trying to change node size

What I’m trying to do

I recently duplicated my Obsidian vault folder over to iCloud for syncing. However, a few hours later on desktop, I noticed that graph view did not work. It would show me a cloud of text, but at a certain point, the text would disappear after zooming out (and I could not zoom back in to find it). My original Obsidian vault copy on my local storage is fine. I don’t know if I lost something in the copy process. I’m not sure what impacts the nodes to display or not. All the same extensions copied over, so I don’t think that it was a particular extension.

Also, I just checked the iOS app on the phone and it works there.


Restart my computer, obviously… I’d still like to know a bit about why this may have happened for future reference though. Upon restart, Obsidian started indexing the vault. After it indexed (1/40), I was able to click on the graph view.

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