Graph Nodes not appearing

Steps to reproduce

Press Ctrl + G to open Graph view

Expected result

That should render the graph along with nodes.

Actual result

Only Text visible, not nodes.


  • Operating system: Windows 8.0
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.15 as well as in prior versions 0.11.4 …

Additional information

When I reload it, I am getting expected result.

I also suspect that some Community plugin is causing that bug. Because when I turn on safe mode I am getting expected result( that too only after reload.)

If I have some Community plugins activated, the graph is not rendering even after reload

we don’t provide support for third party plugins.

This has happened in the past when you GPU is old not well suported.
You can try to run obsidian without GPU accelleration.

Obsidian.exe --disable-gpu

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You can create a link to obsidian and then edit the link in windows and append --diable-gpu