Graph-navigating tips, please?

I’ve been using Obsidian for my Zettelkasten and I found that it’s not easy to navigate over the graph and read my notes smoothly. Currently, I open a graph view and look at the note titles and try to remember the contents. For some notes, which I can’t remember well, I CMD-click the node, take a look at it, switch to the note pane, and close it.

Essentially, I need to repeat this process (CMD-click, switching pane, close the pane) every time I take a look at my note. And because this is a little bit of hassle, I found myself not willing to open notes enough – which means I’m not following one of the core processes of doing Zettelkasten – which is to review the previous notes for networked thoughts daily.

Is there a more convenient way of doing this?

In an upcoming release, the graph view will have the same hover preview available for note links. Would that help you here?


Yes, definitely!