Graph doesn't update properly when meta-cache is updated

Placeholder for internal bug.

The graph doesn’t update properly when the metacache changes.

For example, changes in tags are not propagated immediately. An observed behaviour is

will be fixed in 0.12.4

Thanks for the quick reaction.

Would be nice if the update was done much quicker, for an immediate update would provide an instant contextualisation of the created note and thus would give a better orientation and the guarantee that the tags are set correctly.

Additional information regarding the use case

  • Tags have to be set via typing #... but after that you have to delete the # in the frontmatter so that your tag is recognized as a tag. That can easily be forgotten. A proper display in the graph indicates that the contextualisation via tag has worked.
  • If a note is not immediately shown in the graph the validity and correctness of links cannot be verified visually. An uncertainty of doubt remains whether everything is correct.

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