Graph colors by grades to central note

Use case or problem

I would like to see how close to the central note a note is by a scale of colors.

Proposed solution

In the network view, it should be possible to assign colors on a sliding scale according to degrees of distance from the central note.

1- Center note: Deep red
2- Notes connected to the central note: red
3- Notes connected to 2: orange
4- Notes connected to 3: yellow


While I think this is a good idea. I have a similar idea that I think would be able to achieve this, as well as be more flexible.

I think colored “groups” in obsidian should have an extra setting that allows their color to bleed over onto connected notes. That way you could tag your “center note” with it’s own unique group and you could see how close everything else is. But you could also do this with multiple notes and see how they connect and overlap.

I agree. Here is a similar request in case you are interested: Color coded nodes based on degree of separation from chosen node


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