Graph and canvas coherence

There is something I can’t understand. Why I interact with canvas and graph in different ways?

  • If I click the background, in graph I can move the graph, not in canvas.

  • If I roll the button in my mouse the image zooms in graph, not in canvas.

I think we should interact with this kind of interface with the same commands. No?

They are different features/tools, so I personally would not expect them to work the same.

Feel free to open specific feature requests with the things you want using the template, though, and maybe they’ll be popular enough that they’ll be considered for development!

The last version brought the option to zoom with the mouse wheel! Great!

To achieve coherence with graph view we just need the ability to grab the background to move the whole canvas. Now I need to use select all in order to move the canvas.

Maybe in a future version?

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