Graph analysis results do not display

What I’m trying to do

I have the graph analysis plugin installed and activated. I have the NLP plug installed and activated. When I select an algorithm in the plugin settings and run graph analysis for that algorithm the results do not display in the right sidebar.

It appears using the plugin with the minimalist theme has been a problem for some. Hope that’s not the explanation of my problem.

Things I have tried

I have watched the video on the basics of using this plugin. There is nothing on it on the help site. I also found nothing on it here.

Results are now displaying. I didn’t do anything to bring that about. But happy that they are. And that so far there’s no problem with Minimalist theme.

A lot of my notes are unlinked. Hoping to get help creating links, i.e., identifying notes that could potentially linked to, with this plugin. Fir the time being relying on algorithms that focus on the content of notes.

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