Goto heading shortcut (within the open note)

Use case or problem

Want to make it easier to jump between sections within a note using keyboard shortcuts.

Proposed solution

A popup box (similar to quick switcher) that just lists the headings of your current note. You can then start typing the name of one to fuzzy match and hit enter to go to it

Example from vscode that already implements this:

Current workaround (optional)

Open file outline and use the mouse to click on the section of interest. Is slow and requires mouse input. Would be good to be able to stay on keyboard

Related feature requests (optional)

Couldn’t find any.

Another workaround is to turn on folding headings. Then instead of opening a drop-down and selecting the heading you want, you use “fold all” and open the heading you want. (It’s not for everyone, but I’ve been doing it happily for some time.)