Gotchas when modifying files under Obsidian?

When I modify the markdown files directly Obsidian seems to pick up on the changes immediately. Are there any gotchas or weird behavior that can happen when we do this? I’d like to work on some tools to add notes to my daily log&inbox from the command line but I don’t want to risk getting obsidian or it’s index into a weird state.

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Good question! I’ve noticed that the vault auto-refreshes when other programs edit the associated folder/files.

I saw it as only a plus at first, but I see what you mean. What if you change the extension of an open md file, or some other action that’s unexpected by Obsidian? Definitely something to keep in mind when editing the vault from multiple programs.

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I have done a lot of this kind of work with no major problems. The issues I’ve found are when the other apps you’re using interact with Obsidian in conflicting ways—e.g., inserting unfamiliar markdown syntax into a note, or adding characters to filenames that Obsidian doesn’t recognize.

A common mistake might be editing a wikilink in another app—if the app doesn’t recognize the change and rename the file/propagate it to other references to that file, your notes will get discordant.

But, again, in general, it works really well!

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That’s great to hear, thank!