Google Drive: New note created with garbage characters

Steps to reproduce

Open Obsidian
Click on New Note

Expected result

New blank note

Actual result

Getting note filled with red, white and purple special characters.
Characters, color etc change everytime I create a new note


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version:0.12.4

Additional information

I have pointed my vault to a Google Drive folder which I have made offline in my laptop. The said folder is a shared folder.

Most of the time, it works properly. But once in a while, I am getting this error. And even restarting Obsidian is giving the same error now, whereas last time it went away when I restarted Obsidian

PS: I am new to the forum and to Obsidian. Excuse if this issue is already addressed - I could not find it in the forums . Thanks

Do you have obsidian sync enabled?

I often have this red dot issue also ; I use sync ; I can not help but want to follow the topic

can you describe more clearly what exacly happens to you? and meybe post some screenshots?

No I have not installed Obsidian sync.

In my case, I open obsidian, and click new note button / in an existing note, create a [[link]] and Ctrl-click it to create a new note - the new note opens with the red characters. Every time the number of characters etc varies. Now I am just Selecting all and deleting, and going on with my work.

If you use a vault ouside gdrive, does it happen?

Do you use the setting to keep some of your files in the cloud?

It is working fine when my vault is located in my hard disk.

The problem is with the vault created in Google Drive folder on my PC (which is autosynced with Gdrive)

This is gdrive problem. I am gonna move this to help.
The content of every new file seems to be populated with something by gdrive. I believe, it’s an image. You can rename the file to .jpg and see what it looks like.

I checked that. The new file created in Gdrive is empty. Shows 0 bytes in windows file explorer properties. And shows blank when the .md file is opened in notepad…

gdrive emulates things. It may look likes it is empty but it’s not. Can you turn off gdrive and see if it happens?

Once again, do you have some options to keep some of your files on the cloud? or to keep just the links to your files in your hard drive?

Okay. I am not sure about “turn off gdrive” - I paused syncing in the Gdrive application on my PC and created a new vault in the Gdrive folder on my PC and still have the same issue.

I do not know how to open a vault completely located on cloud (I have Gdrive / Onedrive) and not synced to my PC, in Obsidian. I cannot see that option, in “Open another vault” window, if that is what you meant.

I guess i can live with the problem now. Thanks a lot for the support :slight_smile:

Is garbage text always the same? Can you save that file and upload it here?

Just realised something! In opposition to what I mentioned in the reply above, the md file has got garbage inside and visible in notepad, and has size of around 180-220 KB. Content changes everytime I create a new note.

In the earlier instance when I replied, the empty file was seen as I had just created the note in Obsidian and the file was still open in Obsidian. The moment I close Obsidian, the garbage is saved in md file and I can see it in notepad!

Uploading 3 recent files createdUntitled (183.3 KB) Untitled (202 KB) (218.2 KB)

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