Global vault settings?

Is it possible to have a set of global configuration / plugin settings rather than having to reset everything per vault? Once I have everything set up the way I like it it would be great to have those settings work in every vault.


I don’t know of an official way to do that, but you could try copying the .obsidian (or at least the .obsidian/plugins ) folder from your old vault to your new vault.

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You could also create a symlink to sync the folders.

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I was hoping for a way to just have it ‘work’ without having to do anything when switching between vaults. I was also hoping not to have the .obsidian folders spread throughout my notes folders. I use other programs to read/write these files as well. That’s one of the nice features about using plain text and markdown. :slight_smile:

Just for reference: Allow specifying the .obsidian folder location

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