Global vault note that includes everything

Use case or problem

Sometimes I like having everything in one place. Occasionally, I create specific vaults for just one topic and have to constantly be copying and pasting the content of notes into a single note to maintain this home base.

Proposed solution

Almost like editable embeds, this global vault note would intelligently order the content of every single note of the vault and would be synced with them all as well. I imagine various settings for auto sort while also allowing manual rearrangement, possibly with a dedicated side pane for this type of management.

I think having it be editable itself would be key, but would not imperative for receiving some benefit. It would definitely be pretty cool in its own right if Obsidian could just automatically create the note and perhaps sort all contents of the vault based on the explorer’s hierarchy and current sorting. If this slowed down the vault, there could be a load button for syncing.

I could potentially see there being an option to generate a dynamic MOC at the top of page and/or as a tab of that management pane I talked about. In a way this could be like an MOC building tool that when you are satisfied, you could bring the content and MOC into other vaults. Come to think of it, there is no reason it has to include entire vault, but I would think that’d be a nice default. The possibilities are endless.



Why do you keep topics in separate vaults and not in folders within one vault?

What would be advantage of duplicating everything in the vault and then maintaining it’s integrity? Would not it be better just to effectively display data from it’s original sources? Either as ![[transclusions]] or dynamically by plugins - to be developed.

How are you going to fit content of whole vault on the screen?

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I agree with @malecjan you would benefit from folders inside your vault. In my cause I only have one huge vault and I apply the concept of nested vaults which like @malecjan linked it’s a posts I shared discussing it here:

Nested Vaults (vault within a vault)

The whole point of this isolation and dynamic generation of organization and access that the feature request addresses are use cases where you are intentionally only including certain things in your vault palette so as to prepare for a quick sketch of ideas without investing a long time building structure and filters. Your filtering was done when you dropped in the atomic notes and the structure of this global note is built in many ways in parallel to embedded queries and potentially folder structure like I mentioned.

I think I am often confused by putting together use cases for feature requests in that I try to open up an avenue that others may reasonably travel even though my travels on that avenue may be with a different destination altogether.

Thanks for asking.