Global Tag Deletion

Use case or problem

I would like to efficiently delete tags globally

Proposed solution

Highlight the tag in the tag panel and delete


I wasn’t going to post this as I have posted about the matter some months ago, but as I am still longing for an easy way to delete tags on multiple notes, I will explain.

Over the years, while finding my way to using tags, I have made quite a mess. TagWrangler is a godsend for rearranging, renaming and filtering existing tags, but I am still missing a global delete to clean redundant tags and streamline the tag pane.

I know that this feature has also been requested on other threads. Here are two other initiated posts with tens of supporters:

I understand that @pjeby has considered this for TagWrangler but decided not to implement it suggesting that we use an editor or the operating system functionality instead. I will try and find out how to do this, but it would be much neater and most welcome if it could be done within Obsidian - a great help to those of us who are less familiar with using other generic options in managing our notes’ loose links.


I also would like a within Obsidian method to delete a tag from all notes - this would be incredibly useful.

As is, a very inferior alternative using TagWrangler is to batch change all instances of a deprecated tag to some placeholder (e.g. #blank) until there is a better global delete function/plug-in.