Global shortcut key to open a specific vault

I have multiple vaults, and have found I’ll often be working on something, and want to go to a specific vault for reference, or to make a note or tick off a task. I generally use the keyboard and shortcuts for everything, so I wanted to have a global shortcut key to go straight to each vault. I’ve finally figured out how to do it so that it works consistently across machines:

  1. Install this plugin GitHub - kzhovn/uri-commands-obsidian: Execute URIs from the command palette and create command(s) in the command palette that triggers an Obsidian URI, opening each vault you’re interested in. It will look something like this: obsidian://open?vault=Work

  2. Install this plugin GitHub - mjessome/obsidian-global-hotkeys: Global hotkey support for to create your global hotkey(s), and set it to trigger your vault command(s) created above.

You only need to set this up in a single (your main/central) vault with commands for all the other vaults and the main one, and you’re done. I prefer this approach over using Alfred or Raycast or Autohotkeys or whatever externally; it syncs and works across machines/devices rather than having to set up each machine individually. Any machines that don’t have the vault sync’d, then the URI command is simply ignored.

Extra bonus, I’m on Macs and use this to create a “hyper” shortcut key (Cmd/Opt/Ctrl/Shift) bound to the caps lock. I set all my global shortcuts on that so they (usually) don’t conflict with application shortcuts. Free and highly recommend.