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Also don’t copy the workspace.json file!

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I use a File/Folder Comparison/Sync app (DeltaWalker because I happen to have a license, but it’s not very intuitive) between my main vault and other vaults.

These are the things I include:

  • The .obsidian folder
  • My templates folder which I call _templates

These are the things I exclude:

  • workspace, workspace.json, workspaces.json, starred.json, graph.json, backlink.json, cache
  • In appearance.json, I copy everything except the line cssTheme because I want to have different themes so I can quickly distinguish the vaults. (You could just keep the accentColor different instead)
  • Some plugins’ data:
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Instead of using a sync-app, why not using symlinks like @mano suggested?

I am still not sure which folders/files I can link without might going into any issues.

With other words: which files/folder under .obsidian are vault-independent? and can be changed from any current vault I am in?

Symlinks are very risky, especially for obsidian settings: How Obsidian stores data - Obsidian Help

Before I sync, I make sure to close Obsidian