Global search for blocks with multiple keywords

Possible operator:

  • scope:line
  • scope:innermost-block // useful when nested blocks are recognized
  • scope:block
  • scope:innermost-chapter
  • scope:h6-chapter
  • scope:h1-chapter
  • scope:chapter
  • scope:file // this is default now

Restricting scope at higher levels is already done by “path” and “file” operators:

  • path:“folder1/folder2” // restricts search to content of relative path like search in Windows File Explorer.
  • path:"/folder1/folder2/" // like above but restricted to one file
  • file:“”

But that is rather in another sense, matched terms still have to occur within the same file so “scope:file” is currently the upper limit for the scope.


Ability to nest “scope” operator in groups is desirable.
For example: “(term1 term2 scope:line) term3” to match line with term1 and term2 only in the files which contain also term3 anywhere.

scope:line would work also for table rows (like database records, although not distinguishing fields/columns)

EDIT: Partial implementation is now promissed in posts #30 and #33.

Another helpful behavior in this pursuit would be option to rank/sort search results based on closeness of keywords in the match.


@GreenChocho: OK, got it. The last paragraph makes the advantage of this FR clear.
Thank you, kind sir.

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I also enjoyed the discussion :smiley:

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My apologize if my tone sounds offensive. I didn’t mean it. Acturally I am so grateful that Obsidian team let me use such a great app for free. Also thanks for your advice.

tag:#idea -#done cannot filter the 1. balabala #idea, this is because the search is based on whole file not a block or a paragraph. So tag:#idea -#done give desired result.

You could try it by creating a file and copy paste these two paragraphs to the file, then search by tag:#idea -#done, you will find that the doesn’t appear on the result.

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Hope this gif could illustrate what I mean.

The keypoint for a note taking software is how they consider the basic component. For Roam liked Apps, such as Roam, Dynalist, Workflowy, it is Bullet, which also called Block. For Obsidian, I think originally it is a File.

According to many user’s requirements, now Obsidian provides Block reference, so if Obsidian wants to change the basic componet from File to Block, then there is still a long way to go, Block reference is not the end point. Or because the limitation of Obsidian’s infrastructure, maybe the File still is the basic componet, which means Roam will not be it’s competitor. Unfortunately, many people still compare Obsidian with Roam.

As a free user who take advantages from Obsidian, I just hope a feature request could give dev team more information to consider their goal for a better notetaking app.

As I said before, if someone, especially someone from Obsidian team feels offensive because my tone, I didn’t mean it. I consider it is a contribution that posting some ideas to the forum.

Seems the gif cannot display correctly. Post 4 pictures here, hope it could help:

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nice illustration, explains itself.

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+1 on this. I missed this and created a duplicate thread (Search for lines matching query), but I like the additional scope defined here.

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+1 on this idea as wellll

It’d be great to be able to search for lines matching search terms rather than entire documents.

E.g., searching for Licat "- [ ]" would return:

- [ ] Ask Licat about search per line

but would not return:

Licat said something
- [ ] Some unrelated TODO

This could have many uses, but personally for me it’d enable a TODO flow described here: How do you handle tasks in Obsidian?


Yes, please. This would be huge with the embedded search results.

I think you could then write a query that shows you incomplete tasks from the past X days and put that in your daily note template.


I have also requested for this. Would you like to add your support here too?

A line: operator will be introduced in an upcoming release.


If there are duplicate request, just flag them to the mods. No need to ask people to add their support and create duplications.

Will do.

section: and block: will be added too.


That would be great! can’t wait.

As Nick Milos says, there are a lot of Roam Users that are closer to Obsidian and I’m one of them.
The only “but” to migrate to Obsidian is the search funcionality.
Roam Research, when a hyperlink is selected, the return is clean, only returning the blocks with the hyperlink or TAG (for Roam, there is no difference).

Obsidian returns the same content but not only the blocks with the hyperlink but sometimes the upper block and the following block. This is very annoying and makes more difficult to find what we are looking for.

Roam returns only the the blocks that has the information. That’s all

Obsidian the blocks and something else - poluted

I’m trying to find a way to make Obsidian returns only the blocks with the information - if someone knows how to do that, please help me.

The devs have reworked backlink in 0.12.0.

Any idea how I can use “Show more context” in an embedded search?

Hope I’m not getting off topic.

For example I type in the editor:

line:("- [ ]" #urgent)

This is to return only tasks that have the tag on the same line.

But the issue is that Obsidian returns results for both the "- [ ]" and for the #urgent part. I was hoping it might be possible to show one block of text for each line.