Global/per client configuration stored in config file

Use case or problem

With the advent of mobile apps, we have reached a point at which it may make sense to have varying configurations for different clients.

Proposed solution

Support a GLOBAL configuration for which all applicable settings are applied to all clients. For each unique client, support a client-specific configuration that overrides the global settings.

An example of the configuration UI:

In the config UI, on the top of the left pane, have a slider for “GLOBAL CONFIGURATION”. When this is enabled, all config changes affect the global config. When it’s off, all config changes affect the client-specific config.

This universal config file can then be synced to all clients and can support all needed functionality for different platforms (and, even, potentially, vaults).

Current workaround (optional)

Non-synced config files for each client.

Related feature requests (optional)

None known.