Global graph view: open with currently active note highlighted

I’m pretty sure the new Graph view should be opened with the currently active note highlighted. Possible?


I had a similar request:
I would be great that when you are in graph mode, that when you “hover over” a page in File Explorer the dot of the page in the graph would be highlighted. Is this possible?


Does 0.8.4’s Local Graph view satisfy this request?

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The Local Graph is a great step in the right direction. However, I came here to make the same request after using both graphs heavily.

The Local Graph provides immediate context, but lacks the big picture the full graph view provides. However, the full graph view functions best in one-direction: I can look at the graph and find a note, but it’s hard to look at a note and find it in the graph.

Highlighting a note would allow the graph view to function bidirectionally - making it easier to zoom in and out of context.

I’ve been keeping my eye on Change number of “steps” in local graph view for a similar reason: We had macro context (Graph), now we have micro context (Local Graph), and that begets a request for somewhere in between to help maintain orientation as we change scale.

PS: It’s my first post so I have to say, Developers, you’re doing a fantastic job.


I feel that the graph is of little use if I don’t know where I am. It would be nice to click on a note and automatically focus or just highlight it in the graph window.


I can’t stop thinking about this one.
I made a mock-up of highlighting when hovering over a link.

I know that’s a step further than the original request of highlighting the active note.
I also did a mock-up of hovering over the title of the note, and mousing over notes in the file explorer, but decided against spamming the forum with gifs.
Honestly, I’d take any note-to-graph highlighting the developers could come up with.
There was a similar request here: Click item,map light


Switched this thread back to #feature-requests and renamed the title to focus on Global graph view (although I appreciate that changes of this flavour would probably benefit Local views, too).


I’d love this feature. Hypernotes already seem to have this feature. World, meet Hypernotes | Zenkit

I just found out, that this functionality already seems to be implemented into obsidian:

  • Open your note
  • Click on the dots (…) for this note
  • Click “Open lokal graph”
  • done

I agree. It would be really nice if there was a way to find a certain node in the global graph view. With larger graphs it can be difficult to find the node you’re looking for. Local graph view does not satisfy this need for me.


I have a solution:

  1. Open the graph view.
  2. Open your note in a new panel.
  3. Click on your note.
  4. Navigate around in your graph, now you’ll see it highlighted in yellow.

It’s been such a long time, so maybe this is a new feature that has been developed since then? I don’t know. I tried this and it works.

Yes, this was recently added.