Global graph - longer render for applying forces

Use case or problem

I structure my notes in a tree-like system. This allows me to benefit from global graph very much, because navigating it is very easy (which is absolutely not the case if someone uses a zettelkasten type system). The global graph render seems unfinished every time. It renders in a messy way, BUT - when I click and hold the root node, the render continues to get fixed. It seems that the forces are being applied again when I hold the root node (or any other node for that matter). To show what I mean, I recorded a short video:

Proposed solution

I suspect this thing is not a bug, but an optimization decision with consequences at each point on the “axis”. If the global graph render took 1 or 2 seconds more to complete, people who use zettelkasten system would find it worse, not better. Although those people, even though definitely numerous, do not usually need global graph at all except for visual pleasure once in a while. Perhaps there could be a switch in the settings if the user wants the behaviour to be as it is now (default) or if the user wants Obsidian to speed up the process of applying forces, render a few seconds longer if needed, but achieve the final result automatically.

Current workaround (optional)

Current workaround is to hold the root node for 30-60 seconds until all nodes get into place. Sometimes more if viewing the entire vault or a very big branch of the tree.

Related feature requests (optional)