Giving Developers Their Due Diligence ❤️

After the Cyberpunk 2077 disaster, I wanted to take a moment of time out of my day to send fourth my outpouring of support and gratefulness for the lovely developers of Obsidian.

It seems that a lot of users, despite their best intentions don’t really know about all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes with any development team, be it a Triple A game that’s been hyped up for a decade, or it be the hard-working, passion-fueled developers who make lovely applications such as Obsidian.

I’m a low-ball, bone-crushing middle-class worker, and I’ve never found myself with large amounts of disposable income that I can use to show my support to developers monetarily, but I have given Obisidan what I can, and I plan to do so moving forward. I feel like it’s half-hearted to smash that heart button everytime there is a new entry in the changelog, but I just want the devlopers here to know that we are all so proud of everything you guys do!

I’m literally floored everytime I see a new entry in the changlog, always thinking to myself: “WOW! What else can they possibly do to make this any better!?” You guys have really stumbled upon something truly remarkable here and anyone who reads these words, agrees with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I wish there was more I can do for you guys!


I would like to add something as these developers are adding new features so quickly the Obsidian community is growing tremendously which I am so Happy for the developers as it will help them financially.


Speaking of those features, I literally just discovered the entire “copy search results” functionality and once again am impressed by these wonderful people.


Not to mention the amazing graph view

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Agree :100: and many :heart: and :clap:, too. Thank you for all your hard work on this beautiful product.


this is amazing @oldtowneast beautiful words, 100% agree! and thanks to everyone for making the best online community in the history of the internet!


I would also like to take the time to thank the developers from the bottom of my heart, by sharing some thoughts and experiences. These are all over the place, just like how I usually write in Obsidian, so please bear with me.

I initially used Roam, and although Roam was the tool that introduced to me the concept of networked thought, it wasn’t until Obsidian that the utility of such idea slowly but surely manifests itself in the real world. In Obsidian I have been doing most of my writings, in Obsidian I have ben making discoveries. I have been pouring my entire life into Obsidian, so it is subconsciously and consciously attached to me more than any tool have ever done.

It is not far-fetched to say that this tool plays a significant role in my development, both as a human being and as a professional. As someone who strives to gain competitive advantage and insights, I feel like using Obsidian was the most necessary step that I could have done, even if I were given a choice to go back in time.

I have been evangelizing Obsidian everywhere. In my experience, a mental model of note-taking I’ve seen many people use is that it is simply the act of jotting down to-do tasks or recording information in a mindless way. Deconstructing that mental model by bringing up details from Zettelkasten and personal experience is my favorite segue into introducing Obsidian as a tool that facilitates this new, exciting mental model of note taking, with the purpose of building a second brain capable of producing insights. You know a tool embodies an idea when I can speak of the tool and the idea with a strong passion.

So far, I have managed to invite 2 people to try Obsidian out. Not much I suppose, but nevertheless I want other people to be as inspired as me when it comes to finding new ways to improve their life, and Obsidian has become important a tool for such purpose, that I wouldn’t mind spending efforts evangelizing it at all.

Again, thank you, and I wish for the longevity and prosperity of Obsidian.


Well Said!

Hi @oldtowneast and @minhthanh3145, thanks so much for the kind words! It made our day :heart:

It’s hard to describe the feeling when the thing we’ve poured our heart and soul into gets appreciation from people who understand its value. Thanks to you guys too! Have a lovely holiday!


I am guilty of using your term “DaVincism” and I thank you for coining the term.

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I started using Obsidian about a week ago. I have to say that I love it for multiple reasons (I could write a lengthy thread about it!). It makes writing easier and fun, and also makes it easy to retrieve the information later and see how it’s connected to other things. Even though it’s free and I probably don’t need access to insider versions, I am going to pay the 25 dollars to support its development, because I am actually excited about the potential that it has (even though it’s already great in its current version!). So, congrats and thanks to the developers!

I gotta chime in here as well. I’ve been using Obsidian for a while now and it has far and away become my favourite and most used program on my computer. The devs are truly the gold standard that all teams should aspire to: quick and meaningful updates, responsiveness and willingness to listen to feedback, incredible work ethic, and just raw talent.

Discovering this app and its community has been one of the silver linings of an otherwise terrible year. So I just want to say a big THANK YOU to the devs. You’ve won many loyal fans and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2021.


Totally agree with everything being said. Using the too starting in March/April this year almost everyday now, it’s great to see how it evolved from then to now and also knowing it will become the best tool ever!
To the Obsidian community:
Have a great holiday season and lots of health in 2021. The rest will come by itself.