Give us an option to toggle off backlinks in status bar while keeping the pane

Use case or problem

I would like to decouple the settings for the backlinks pane and the backlinks in the status bar since there might be people like me who want to only have one.

Proposed solution

Just give us an option in the backlinks part of the settings to toggle of the backlinks in the status bar.

Current workaround (optional)

None as far as I know.

Related feature requests (optional)


What do you mean by “backlinks in the status bar”? As to the side pane, you can just drag the backlinks area out and then close it.

The Backlinks core plugin has no settings currently and when you turn it on you get both a side pane and a the number of backlinks get shown in the status bar. It would be nice if there was an option to disable/enable them in the settings of that plugin. I personally don’t need the backlinks to cramp my status bar.