Github blocked, need alternate access

Use case or problem

Ultimately the problem is living in China. Github (along with nearly every social media site, google, etc) is blocked here. Therefore I cannot load or browse community plugins without using VPN. I have a good vpn service but it only intermittently works here as the govt is constantly at war with these app companies. Why they block github is anyone’s guess.

Proposed solution

A big ask perhaps, but is it possible to mirror the plugins on the obsidian site itself (or somewhere else)? This would require an optional switch in settings, or an automatic switch if github is not accessible (for any reason including github being down)

Current workaround (optional)

I have no workaround aside from waiting for the vpn to connect (sometimes days, sometimes weeks if the security here is bumped up, for example during big govt meetings, or military exercises)

Thank you. I love using obsidian.

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