Getting previously input values from dataview table

Is there a simple way to choose a value from a dataview table?
Let me explain with an example:
Suppose I have a markdown file called, in which I have mentioned two diseases cystic fibrosis and flu, both tagged with “#disease”. Inside the document I wrote sth like this:

Cystic fibrosis has the following properties #disease
symptoms:: difficulty breathing
(some other texts)
Flu has the following properties #disease
symptoms:: myalgia

Now I know that I can use dataview to set up a table to view all md files containing lines tagged with ‘#disease’ and the corresponding symptoms displayed as a column. But suppose in another note called I want to choose a value from the list of all symptoms I previously input (as opposed to writing the SAME symptom again), is there any methods for me to do this with a simple plugin or command?

Thank you for your help.

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