Getting Obsidian_To_Anki to transfer Obsidian tags when using Regex?

What I’m trying to do

I am using Obsidian to create Anki cards, so I can write them directly in my notes. I am using the Obsidian_To_Anki plugin. It mostly works. I use the Regex option, as I prefer to write the cards in the most readable format - lige Q: and A:. However, I have encountered a problem, because the tags are not transferred, if I am using this method.

Things I have tried

I am using the following regex

  • Basic: ^Q: ((?:.+\n)*)\n*A: (.+(?:\n(?:^.{1,3}$|^.{4}(?<!<!--).*))*)
  • Cloze: `((?:.+\n)(?:. {{[^{}]::[^{}] }}.)(?:\n(?:^.{1,3}$|^.{4}(?<!<!–). ))*)

Any one else using regex and successfully transferring the tags to anki.

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