Getting all explicit annotations for a given set of files using Dataview

Things I have tried

Ive been digging in to how to use Dataview, and havent found an answer to this in the forums or the Dataview documentation as yet.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to get all the explicit annotations for each file in a set of file ie any of the values explicitly listed in the YAML frontmatter or inline later as a key::value pair.
Its an extension in effect of (for example):
LIST file.tags
Where I dont just want tags but anything else that might be in the YAML eg anything called id, alias, whatever but where I dont want to have to elaborate the fulllist of possible values - I just want any annotation and its value. I cant see any of the built in file.Something type variables that provides this, but it feels like its there somewhere.
Thx in advance

Are you looking for something like this?:

`$=dv.el("pre", dv.pages())`

It won’t render in live preview, but if you view that in reading mode, you should see a list of everything dataview knows about each file in your vault (wrapped in an html pre tag).

Ooh - thanks. Will take a look at that.
(Sorry for not replying earlier - only just seen this).
I was looking for something that gives me any of the YAML data included in a file - between the opening — and closing —- in the frontmatter. Anything wider could be good too.

@DeutscheGabanna and I just figured this out recently, see this forum post. I think you only want the top half (stop after the end of the first dv.table line).
If you have a very large vault, you might want to run it on a subset of dv.pages first to make sure it won’t take too long!

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