Getting a list of file titles from the File Explorer


I would like to get a simple list of the file titles in File Explorer, as we were dealing with bullets in Dynalist, for example. When the files are selected and I click the right buttom, no option that could do that appears. Does anyone have a idea of what I should do?



Does anyone have an idea of how to get a flat name list of files? It seems that creating such a list by just selecting the files whose name interests me is not possible. Would a embedded query do what I want?

I am sorry for the insistence. I just started to use Obsidian and feel a little bit lost.


You can do this in the search pane or with an embedded query:

file: /.*/

But why a list of ALL files?

Thank you very much! I did a search in the option “Copy search results” enabled me to get the names of the files in a list.

I thought that a list of names of all files could be useful in the future. But I was wondering how I could also have a list of names of selected files. In this case, what would be good a option?

It’s yours to define the criteria, just an example.

   path: lorem file: ipsum tag:dolor

You’ll get all files
- in folder(s) with “lorem” in name (including subfolders with or without “lorem” in name)
- AND “ipsum” in file-name
- AND with tag #dolor

You can also use regular expressions with the query.

And instead of “query” or as an addition you can use dataview (plugin).

I don’t want to say there are no limits for searching files but it’s hard to reach these limits :wink:

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