Getting 404 installing FlatPak on chomebook for Obsidian install

Hi all. I’ve been using O on PC and a couple android devices for a month or so. Love it.

Last week, I got O installed on an old Chromebook to test out and it worked. Its battery is useless and its slow but worked well for me to test it.

Today I got a new Chromebook just for notetaking on the go and trying to install Flatpak results in 404’s. All the debian links don’t appear to be working. “404 not found” or “Failed to Fetch” on everything related to debian links

Chromebook is up to date. Everything seems to work ok. I’ve done some googling but can’t find much on this. Would the repo moved?

Perhaps ask the flatpak/flathub forum?

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I’m an idiot. I needed update.

For anyone else running into this in the future. sudo apt-get update

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