Get yesterdays & tomorrows date with core plugins dailyNote & templates

Things I have tried

I have tried different versions of creating tomorrows or yesterdays date with things like {{date+1}} etc.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to use Obsidians core plugin to create templates for daily notes featuring a link to yesterdays and tomorrows daily note.

This is possible with the templater plugin, but afaik, I can not use the templater plugin in automated combination with the dailyNote-plugin, using templater plugin in manual combination with the dailyNote plugin would force me to create an empty daily note first and then manually trigger templater to fill this note, which is quite complicated for mee.

From what I can tell it isn’t currently possible to do this with the core Templates plugin.

There’s a feature request for this here, if you want to add your support for the feature to be implemented.

You should be able to use Templater to automatically fill your daily note - I say “should” because I’ve been having trouble getting it to work lately. Until recently (last few days) though, it worked without a hitch.

If you use any of @liam 's plugins such as Calendar or Periodic Notes, you should be able to do this regardless of your templating plugin, but you have to configure the settings of the plugin to know where your daily notes are.

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