Get total duration based on Full Calendar event

Things I have tried

I used to make a schedule stating every 30 minutes what I was doing and then sum the tags with templater. That way I could easily figure out which type of tasks I spent my time on. But I’d rather use FullCalendar than my current way of handling this.

Here is a small example of the current state in my vault.

  • [x] 14:00 mails + acties van 8:30 (later aan dag begonnen) [tasktype::simple]
  • [x] 14:30 - [tasktype::simple]
  • [x] 15:00 - [tasktype::simple]
  • [x] 15:30 daily review [tasktype::planning]

planning: =(length(filter(this.file.tasks.tasktype, (t) => t = “planning”)))
simple: =(length(filter(this.file.tasks.tasktype, (t) => t = “simple”)))

What I’m trying to do

I want to use Full Calendar to plan my day and keep track of how much time I spent doing something tagged tagged as ‘leuk’ and doing something tagged as ‘saai’. Entries look something like this:

  • #leuk Doe iets saais [startTime:: 11:00] [endTime:: 12:00]
  • #saai Doe iets leuks [startTime:: 09:30] [endTime:: 11:00]
  • #leuk Doe iets anders [startTime::8:00] [endTime:: 9:30]

Is it possible to get the duration of each event and sum based on the tag?

p.s. I’m Dutch. That’s probably why my planned events and tags look like yiberish to you.

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