Get text from a marked point

I am struggling how to build upthe information from several meetings and categorize it into one summary file to have a overview.

I make here an example what I want to do in my first step but I don’t really know how to solve it with links to some points in a note. I was thinking with blocknotes and Dataviewer but I doesn’t work and maybe someone can help me :wink:

I put here an example and use # but tags I think is not the right way?

Meeting notes customerA Project01 20-10-2022

  • Issue with MS Teams #Pain
  • In 2025 paperless #target
  • rollout new WiFi solution #projects

Meeting notes customerA Project01 20-10-2023

  • several network connection lost #Pain
  • rollout new notebooks #projects

Summary customerA Project01

#Pain | Issue with MS Teams
#Pain | several network connection lost
#target | In 2025 paperless
#projects | rollout new notebooks
#projects | rollout new WiFi solution

(Sorted via category and in the next step a link to the note in a extra row)

Thanks in advanced

I think tags are fine.

What you want should be doable with DataView. But I don’t know DataView, so here’s a way to use embedded searches.

For each tag you use, make an embedded search like this:

CustomerA tag:target

(I don’t know how you are grouping your meetings, so this search does it by customer.)