Get/set Python variables in a table?

What I’m trying to do

I’m new to Obsidian and currently migrating a Jupyter (lab) notebook containing multiple embedded Python code blocks, and I’m wondering if there is a recipe to get & set Python variables from specific cell in a table in a specific note?

My particular use case here is that the Jupyter notebook is supporting the analysis, design and calculation of various parameters for a physical object model, which will be used ‘downstream’ in FreeCAD. The document has an opening Python code block that both initiates the Python environment and declare all variables, including draft model parameters.

Ideally, I’d like to avoid the split between narrative text notes about these parameters and their values (currently duplicated as calculation variables in Python), by getting (at least but hopefully setting, if not too complicated), all the models parameters from specific table cells. Ideally this table would be in a separate ‘Specifications’ note but could be in a single note, together with all calculations if it’s difficult to scope a common Python environment to work beyond a single note.

Things I have tried

So far, I have several blocks, all within in a single note, running stand-alone via the Execute Code plugin (excellent work - thanks you, Tim Wibiral). A code block with a ‘python {pre}’ argument at the top of the note contains Python imports and variables and it’s a subset of the latter that I would ideally get/set from a table.

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