Get link suggestions as I type?

What I’m trying to do

i would like to know if there is a possibility to immediately see if there is a created link to any type of word as soon as i mention it in a note. For example i have a link with a note called "USA" and now each time i mention or simply write the word "USA" in one of my notes i would like to know that there is already an existing link called like that, so that i immediately could know that i can connect this topics between each other.

Things I have tried

sorry i didn't really searched up the existing forum cause i am a complete newbie and it would probably take a lot of time just understanding where i have to search.

The Various Complements community plugin can suggest links as you type (or so I’ve been told — it doesn’t say so in its description).

I changed the title (from “Question about functionality”) to make clearer what you’re asking. If you want a different title and can’t change it, tell me the one you want and I’ll change it again.

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