Get date from other file and process further

What I’m trying to do

it is possible to get a date from another file (file_B) and let dataview work with that “fetched” date in file_A?

Things I have tried

Lets say I have a field in the metadata section of file_A like

testDate:: $"File_B").date_x)

further below I want to access to this file testDate like this

{ if (dv.current().testDate.diff('today'),'days').days <0)

then DVJS grumbles with:

Evaluation Error: TypeError: dv.current(...).testDate.diff is not a function

Does this have something to do with asynchrony, or do I have to convert the value into a certain format/object?
Or is it not possible to achieve this?


so, I tested around…
The Problem is, if I grab the date_x from file_B in file_A, the output shows the correct date (in this case testDate:: 2023-08-30)

but, as soon as I want to grab this value testDate from another file (file_C), the error occurs.
I made a graphic to illustrate it a little better:

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