Get "block path" from global search panel to quickly embed a block from a search result

Is there such a plugin? Or maybe is it possible via the built-in features?

When embedding a block, you can search by text after the ^ sign once you are composing your embed link but that is only possible once you have already specified the path to the note.

I have some blocks from daily notes I’d like to embed in other documents and I often don’t know which daily note they are, so I have to use the global search to find them.
Once I have located them, I can compose my embed but it feels painful to again have the type the name of the note, then ^, then locate the block.
It would be a much better experience if I could copy an embed syntax for a specific block in a search result right from the search panel so that I would only have to paste it into the note I am composing.

Did I miss something that could help with that workflow? Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

type double caret symbol after u open the wikilink i.e. [[^^ ]]

you should even see the note’s name under the block. in my top results there from “” a daily note aggregator plugin

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