Get all notes modified on a specific day!

With such feature, we could quickly know on which notes we have worked on a specific day/time.

Example :

Say I have modified note A on 2022-03-17 10:50. In my 2022-03-17 daily note, note A will appear in the list of modified notes, which is fine.

But if on 2022-03-18 I modify note A, it will disappear from the list of modified notes on my 2022-03-17 daily note.

It is unfortunate, because we completely loose track of the work that has been done on a given day.

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If you use Dataview plugin you can customize this snippet to your needs

table file.mtime as "Last Mod"
FROM "" 
WHERE dateformat(file.mtime, "yyyy-MM-dd") = "2022-03-16"
SORT file.mtime DESC