Generate one large file from smaller files?

I would like to generate one large file from smaller files (like sections). Is there an easy way to do this? Something like an import command so the main file would look like:

Some text…
Some more text…
Some more text…

Sorry, do you want to split a long file into smaller ones as you say in the title, or combine smaller ones into one as you say in the body? Or both?

I’ve moved this thread from the “Developers & API” category to the “Help” category because it sounds like a general help request.

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If I understand correctly, this request may be of interest: Note Combo-Linker

I am currently writing a long file that I’d like to (manually) split into smaller files. Then combine the smaller files into one long file

Longform, perhaps?

You can embed the smaller notes (if you want to keep them).

The core Note Composer plugin might interest you, or the community Note Refactor plugin.

I changed the post title from “Break long document into many smaller markdown files?” to “Generate one large file from smaller files?”

Embed is closest to what I’m looking for. The only problem is it doesn’t import the note directly. It has some formatting. It has horizontal lines above and below and also the note title centered and bold at the top.

The formatting can be removed with a CSS snippet. You may find some help by searching the forum — I’ve seen others ask about removing at least parts of it.

It kind of sounds like you may just need this: Link to blocks - Obsidian Help. Is there something that you need that’s not either Embeds or Transclusions?

How does it look now? I don’t recall where I saw it, but I read recently that in v1 they redesigned embeds to blend in more. (I don’t use embeds much myself so haven’t seen it.)

Still not great

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