Generalized "Open-with" plugin?

Sorry if this is noise-- I’m a newbie.

I saw a plugin to “open a file with the default app”-- but personally,
I frequently have “various” apps I use for each filetype.

I’d like to be able to stick multiple little icons or whatever next to
filenames-- for example, a JPG I might want to open with Preview,
Chrome, Pixelmator, Affinity, maybe others.

A .html file I might want to open with vim or Preview or Sublime Text.

And so on.

Am I crazy here?


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Over a period of time you’ll change your mind about the programs you want to use, and at that point your solution will become frustrating or require lots of re-editing.

This sounds like something you could set up with Alfred App file workflows. Or even Terminal commands. In the MacOS command line, you have the open command which has the -a flag to specify which app it opens with.

I think that would be easier and more generalized than a plugin in your note-editing software.

Info on open:

I am well familiar with the open command (and the command line in general).

Are you saying that (without a plugin) I can click a link in Obsidian and invoke a specific command line? That would be awesome.

Or are you just saying I should leave Obsidian for that type of operation?


This is a feature I would use only for a small number of frequently-used files.

But your point is valid, of course.


I haven’t tried this plugin yet (and it’s not yet available via the normal Browse community plugins feature in Obsidian as it’s so new), but could this be of help: