General Template Plugin

Apologies if this is considered a repost - I have seen a number of similar topics but they all seem to be burdened by being tied to a particular work flow.

I would like a new core ‘Template’ plugin, that allows you to create an array of template definitions:

  • Regex test of note path
  • Path to template note

Any newly created note goes through the array, and uses the first matching template. A very basic example:

  • Set up ‘Daily notes’ with format ‘YYYY-MM-DD ddd’ (‘2020-08-22 Sat’), creating notes in a ‘Days’ folder
  • Set up a template called ‘Daily Weekend’ to match Days\/[\d\-]+ (Sat|Sun)
  • Set up a template called ‘Daily Weekday’ to match Days\/[\d\-]+ [\w]+

There are of course many more workflows that would be possible if such a plugin were to exist, and I think it could neatly clean up the existing template implementations (for example the template option in ‘Daily notes’ and ‘Zettelkasten prefixer’ can be removed).