General question about Vault preferences and syncing across devices

Things I have tried

Just wondering if desktop and mobile preferences will always sync up. I’ve been trying to use different fonts (and sizes) for iMac and iPad and have mixed results. Are all preferences for a vault preserved across all platforms on which that vault is open? Or are there any local preferences?

I’m using Minimal Theme with Minimal Theme Setting plugin.

By default config files, plugins and themes are stored in .obsidian.

You can have different configurations for your devices:

To have different configurations on mobile and desktop (e.g. to choose which panes are open on which, different themes, etc), choose a different folder for the configuration of one of your devices in About > Override config folder. For workspaces, you can alternatively configure your cloud service to ignore the workspace file found in .obsidian/workspace.

You should first copy over your current configuration to the new folder and then change that option.

Whoa! Perfect solution. Damn, this app is well thought out. Thanks so much.

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