General lagg isuues with Obsidian


I’m having lots of lagg issues with Obsidian typically when I have one or multiple PDF tabs open.
Anyone else having the same problems and how do I solve them?


All the troubleshooting steps are here. I’d try those and report back.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I already did all that. Maybe there is another way to optimize the program?

You didn’t do the 2nd step in “try those and report back”. You didn’t report back.

Without any information, we don’t know anything. If you give more information, then someone can maybe begin to help.

  • What OS are you using?
  • What Obsidian version? What installer?
  • You tested in the Sandbox vault too?
  • How long have you been using PDFs in Obsidian? Did this issue just start happening?
  • What kind of lag issues? How slow does it get? What specifically gets slow?

If I may add, which plugins do you have installed?
I am adding this question, because personally I notices lag or slowness when I have Dataview running.

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