Garbled window

I am not sure how to reproduce this, but obsidian is stuck in this mode with a garbled window for every vault:

I am using Obsidian 0.11.13 in macOS 11.2.3. I have tried deleting /Users/scott/Library/Application Support/obsidian but that did not help.

I’ve seen similar on Linux.

  • Linux Mint 20.1 laptop with Nvidia graphics: Sometimes goes black or garbled. Mousing over the Obsidian window partly restores it, minimizing and then restoring it usually makes it work again.

  • Ubuntu Studio 14.04: Image appears but doesn’t react to anything (i.e. not refreshing/showing what you type).

I reckon it must have something to do with how Obsidian handles the graphics system.

In Obsidian version 0.11.7 there was a new feature.

There is now an option to disable GPU acceleration, especially helpful for those experiencing kernel panics and graphical glitches on MacOS.

But that option seems to be gone now, or moved to a (hidden?) section.

Hardware acceleration has been moved to an advanced section.

I wonder if this is related? But actually, I’m on 0.12.1 and I don’t have that option anymore. It might be under Settings → About → Advanced. Is it still possible to access Obsidian at all to reach the settings? Or is it always glitched out?

edit: I had to update my Obsidian installer from 0.8.something to 0.11.13 to see that GPU option.

the problem went away this morning. It may have something to do with a cache.

Is it correct that to clear and rebuild your Obsidian cache (on Mac anyway) you can quit the app, delete the ~/Library/Application Support/obsidian/Cache folder?

This is not abug with cache or anythings else. This is a well known bug with macos. If you just type garbled in search you will find it.