Gamify my handling of orphaned notes (i.e. Capture number of associations/links made.)

I’ve search/read through other forum entries but could not find anything like what I’m trying to do. Please redirect me if I am mistaken.

What I’m trying to do

Early on as I was exploring Obsidian, I create a great many notes with little to no regard to how the vault should be structured, etc. As a result, I have a “Core” folder with about 150 notes with no links to or in them. These are what I am calling my Orphaned Notes.
I want to get more out of my vault and believe a good first step is to start linking these Orphaned notes to each other and/or other notes in my vault.
To stick with this, I want to establish a habit of creating 5 links/associations each morning, during my daily writing practice. Simply adding a link to another note will count as 1 association.
Here’s what I’m looking for - Is there a way to count how many associations I’ve made 1) on Today and 2) bonus: on a given date?

  • This is similar to having a word count goal for each day. However, instead of a Word Count, I want to track Association Count.

Thanks in advance.


Sounds like you you need a DataView query where you look for links filtered by dates.
You’ll need to install the plugin mentioned and play around with 3-4-5 lines of “code.”
I’m sure you’ll be able to find the ingredients using the search with the right cue words: query, dataview, internal links, date, etc.

I’m not sure that you’re able to connect a link with when it was made easily. You could possibly build something into your daily note which persists how many links there overall in your vault, and then build queries tracking this change.

I can of the top of my head think of three approaches to this:

  • whenever you create a new daily note run a query counting overall number of links and store this as a property
  • make a template which when triggered inserts current number of links
  • build a dataview query which does all of the above using processFrontMatter to persist the result

I think the better variant would be the first to keep track of the count when you started this daily note, and then a dynamic query listing the difference against that number. Possibly make a query listing the difference between a given daily notes link count, and the next daily note link count.

In any case, I think it’s doable, but it’ll require some fiddling with code one way or another

Thanks gino_m and holroy.

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