Fuzzy search in the search view (aligned with the link auto-complete)

I use folders for different “types” of notes for example “project” contain “abcd” project. When i want to link to “abcd” and fear that many notes might pop in the link auto-suggest popup I type “p/a” and the auto-suggest is smart enough to deduce that I want a note beginning with a “a” in a folder beginning with a “p”.

The search view on the left seems to work in a complete different way with search keywords. As much as keywords can be useful I think the default no keyword search should align its behavior on the link auto-complete feature, having two completely different behavior is harder to deal with. Especially so that I find the auto-complete behaviour much faster than the search one.

Is it a way to get that nice behaviour of automatic understanding of structure with / and beginning of words instead of having to use “path” operators etc?

Maybe this come from the search being used for both content and notes. I happen to use the search function just as often to just find and open a note that i know the title of, but would be longer to scroll and visually search for (just like I do in my IDE when I know what to open but there are 100K files)