Functional tag pane

The tag pane could be made functional.

That means offering the possibility to perform operations.

All operations would be batch operations, modifying all instances of a tag, in all files.

Example operations:

  • Create New (Empty) Tag
  • Rename Tag (would rename all instances of the tag)
  • Delete Tag (would delete all instances of the tag)
  • Create Hierarchical Relationship

This would allow the possibility to easily create temporary tags.


Hello @danitrusca and all other readers looking for that feature. As of today, there is the possibility to use the wonderful “Tag Wrangler” Plugin from @pjeby to manage this important tasks. For the massive improvement these functions are adding to Obsidian I propose here to consider making this a core feature.

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Hi Markus. I agree, Tag Wrangler is beautiful and I’m all for making it a core feature. The problem with Tag Wrangler is that it can only rename tags. I wish it also allowed you to create and delete tags.

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Creating and deleting tags would also be a major improvement to my workflow. At the moment I maintain an extra document inside obsidian to have an overview over existing tags, reorganize them and create empty ones there. As you can imagine, this is cluttering my graph up and is a pain in the ass to keep up to date.

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Very good, this should be the next update feature

May I ask which kind of tags you would create? I don’t understand at the moment the advantage of having a tag that is available but not in use? Is this just about possible pre-selection?

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Maybe could be useful have the possibility to create a tag because in a secondo moment you could be associate it to multiple file or blocks contemporaneily

Let’s say you want a tag that organizes several other tags. With what I have in mind, you could create the empty tag, select the tags you want organized, and drag them on the empty tag, all from the tags panel.

Empty tags allow a top-down organization of the tags system, where you start with the tags and add them to notes when needed.