Fully visual editor mode (WYSIWYG)

Obsidian is not a WYSIWYG program. it IS a PLAIN TEXT editor that works across many operating systems, and is extensible thru plug ins and CSS. There are many many WYSIWYG programs you can use.


Obsidian is everything BUT a PLAIN TEXT editor. It is a rich editor on steroids ()let’s call it plugins, windows management, shortcuts, and customizations). How can you even say that?

This is not a poisoned comment, I try to be as constructive as I can.

The truth is that the current live preview mode is unintuitive and very distracting when editing it. It is half-baked. The main problem is that the text jumps when moving the cursor around. Human brains are not capable of handling sudden movements without a transition or direction. For instance, editing a simple link makes the whole interface blink. Not even talking about tables, quotes, callouts… etc.
The solution should be handle the same way CKEditor and other advance rich editors do it.

obsidian 1

Please go ahead and try it for yourself: CKEditor 5 Demo - Rich Text Editor ready to use

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I have to disagree with you, and back up what @BarryPorter13 is saying. I would think the focus of Obsidian is plain-text editing at the core of its editing functionality.

For example, what you consider “half-baked” editing functionality is the perfect editing experience for me.

I want everything to turn into plain text when I click on it (images/tables/callouts/etc). I want to know that my Markdown documents are perfectly formed, because the reason I’m using Obsidian is to end up with Markdown for longevity. It’s critical that it’s readable even as plain text and preferable that it’s also nicely formatted as plain text.

I think really it’s just different strokes for different folks, but that’s why there are so many options out there in the market. Obsidian awesomely fits the niche of Markdown + local files, and I absolutely love it.

Something else to note about your screenshots is how the mouse is much more required for using the CKEditor interface, and only a keyboard is needed for editing complex Obsidian assets like callout boxes and tables. Again it’s different strokes/folks. Using a mouse might be an enjoyable part of the editing experience for you, but for me it’s distracting and takes me out of the flow of writing. I love that I can get everything done without ever taking my hands off the keys while I write.


It is strange that you see it that way but prefer live preview mode. Obsidian could be considered as plain text editor, but only when it is used in source mode.

It is plain text editor for me, because I’m also (by some reason) annoyed by this text jumping around when markdown is shown/hidden in LP mode. Allegedly there is only one WYSIWYG editor for markdown it is note editor in the thebrain app. So, you can’t say there are many alternatives.

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Ckeditor 5 recommended above, claims it

Then there’s Typora. A database app can do anything it wants, because files are just import and export. More complex challenge for a file editor because there will always be a need sometimes to check/edit the source (what’s actually being saved in the file), even if most of the time is attempting to edit the formatted output. Live Preview is just one choice for the middle ground between Source and Reading View. But even when I used Obsidian more, I’d often write in other editors including Typora; that’s the advantage of a file editor - you can use more than one editor on the same file, even at the same time.

When live preview was designed, the decision to retain the markdown feeling while editing was explicit. I don’t think we are gonna go down the path of a GUI that looks like a word processor and writes markdown in the background. Also, sometime these type of editors can produce a document that looks good in reader but it is messy at the source.

If somebody wants to write a plugin using this CKEditor, or anything else, they are welcome to do so. I am gonna move this to plugin ideas.